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Grout Color, Restore, & Protect


If your tile and grout are looking drab and dirty, it may be time to restore uniform color and protection to your floors. In some instances, the grout may even be permanently stained to the point where even the best cleaning is not effective. Although replacing your floor may seem like the only option, there is an alternative, less costly solution.

CST's color grout sealer solves the dilemma by returning your grout to one unified color while simultaneously waterproofing it for added protection. Our premier grout restoration service blends our deep-cleaning process and our high-quality color grout seal to restore what you may have thought was permanently-stained grout. It provides a one-two punch that includes uniformed color and a waterproof grout seal to protect your grout—guaranteed.

Best of all, our color grout sealer and protection makes your life easier. No more scrubbing and mopping to remove hard-fast stains. Now you can spend time doing the things you love. When Cleaning Solutions of Tennessee adds color grout sealer to your floor, it keeps on shining long past the day it’s cleaned. The grout seal protects against stains and spills, making it easier to maintain. And that’s good news for busy homeowners.

So spare your squares from life’s mishaps. Let CST’s trained technicians restore life to your floors with our premier color grout sealer.